Vegetarians don't work in a Butchers

A coach said to me

“You can not teach what you can not embody.”

It stuck with me.

So when I stopped believing in training programmes I realised I could no longer write them for others.

When i started coaching endurance athletes I would never give them a training programme I wouldn’t do myself or believe in. If I told an athlete to rest, I needed to be willing to rest too and truly believe in the rest and reason for the rest days.

And then it changed

Not overnight but a gradual evolution in myself as a person, as a coach and athlete.

I no longer believed in training programmes.

I suffered a hip injury, I ended up very fatigued and spent many hours in bed. Un-motived, tired, lacking purpose and desire for training or exercise.

What will nourish my mind and body today?


What is on my training plan

And that was the switch

I believed in my intuition to guide me, to show me what exercise would nourish me or not. If exercise didn’t feel nourishing, I didn’t do it. I stayed on the sofa.

That’s when I realised, I can no longer write training programmes for others because

“You can not teach what you can not embody.”

I didn’t believe in training programmes

So I could no longer write them

It’s a bit like a vegetarian working in a butchers I explained to a friend.


It’s good money.

It’s easy, I can write bespoke training programmes with my eyes closed.

What would I do instead?

That is when I knew I needed some support

It sounds easy

Switch jobs. When work doesn’t fit anymore.

Sometimes it is that simple, sometimes it feels more complex.

That’s how a fell in love with coaching, all over again

The first time was in a classroom having witness 12 year olds swallowing pen’s in one go, that’s a different story.

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