It makes me squirm!

My heart is beating, palms sweaty and you feel your body temperature rising.

I know you really want to say this

But you don’t dare

I am paralysed by the fear

How will they react ?

Does this resonate with you?

My mission is to help people have uncomfortable conversations.

Because everything we want is on the edge of our comfort zone.

I saw this quote from Tim Ferris and it immediately resonated with me.

What do you want that you currently don't have? My coach asked me.

I closed my eyes visualising myself in old age. What skill/ challenge don't i have right now that i would be upset if i hadn't learnt/ overcome by the time i am old and frail?

Instantly i knew what it was

Being comfortable with having hard uncomfortable conversations

I may find climbing a mountain comfortable (relatively)

but really honouring what my heart is saying and then saying that aloud

Oh that gives me goosebumps, it is a real challenge for me.

This was an insight for me several years ago

Ever since i have been working on it.

I am not on contraception so you need to wear a condom.

I know you want me to spend Christmas with you but I really want to spend it skiing, choosing my own thing on my terms not doing what others want me to do.

I am on day 24 of my menstrual cycle so i do not want to train hard today.

I know you are asking me for a free coaching session but no. I value my time, my financial investment and years of professional training. This is the cost and this is how you pay.

I love you.

I am always thinking of Linda who passed away, are you? how do you feel?





when it feels uncomfortable, i know i am in the territory of evolution.

Life for me is about growing, it's about leaning on my edges, it is about stretching my comfort zones.

And that is what makes me squirm but also makes me feel alive and that I am evolving.

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