How a Sexual Awakening Workshop Empowered me

When I realised racing in professional triathlon races wasn’t for me. I was left with the question; So what is next?

A meditation teacher gave me the advice Get quiet, be still, stay present and the rest will unfold Now I often forget this advice Lately I have been remembering this advice, taking time to become quiet and present to my intuition.

This intuition led me to sign up as a participant in a group sexual awakening workshop last week. A discussion on empowerment began. This prompted me to journaled on: -What does empowerment mean to me? -If I was fully empowered how would I feel? I realised I was obstructing myself because i was distracting myself with busyness. To become empowered I need to slow down, be less busy and really lean in and hear my intuition. That will lead to empowerment.

If you feel called feel free to write in the comments what empowerment means to you?Or drop me an email with any thoughts or refections on this.

PS i also learnt in the sexual awakening workshop that it takes more than one 90 minute workshop to become a sexual goddess. I know, gutting!! laughing aside and let's face it, one needs to be light hearted with these sometimes really deep topics. I realised more work was needed so i signed up to do more work at The Temple of the Feminine. If you feel this too, check out their courses.

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