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This space is where I will share anything inspiring, creative, interesting, thought provoking and generally awesome that makes me go “Wow”. If you find anything you think I will enjoy and should put on here, please contact me

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Megan Hine writes about Wilderness

Megan Hine, Adventurer and survival expert, who works with Bear Grylls' has an incredible website, with brilliant Blog posts. I really like this one on Wilderness as Therapy

OTE Chocolate beetroot Brownies

Awesome Brownie Recipe from OTE. Made Brownies and a Salad tonight, two healthy tasty dishes! Put these Candles on for Sam Anderson. Happy Birthday! These brownies are naturally sweetened with honey and use beetroot. A great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without over indulging. And they are Gluten Free and so simple to make. 120g Cooked Beetroot 100g Coconut Flour or Oat Flour 50g Cocoa Powder 1 tsp Baking Powder 120g Runny Honey 2 Large Eggs 3 Cubes of Chocolate

The best website on women's cycling. Self dubbed "Unofficial, unsanctioned women's UCI cycle blog" Up to date with latest results, video high lights, interviews and blogs. Currently reporting on Richmond World Championships.

Bespoke Cycle Study

Help the study by reporting cycle collisions or incidents on Collideoscope. The more incidents that are reported, the more representative the data will be. This will result in a greater impact on transport authorities and influence decisions around cycle safety measures in the future. You can report incidents on: and go to ‘Report your Crash’. Follow on twitter @bsp0ke & facebook 'The bespoke study'

Caitlyn Jenner Speech

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, 1976 Olympic Decathlon Champion receives the Arthur Ashe courage award at 2015 ESPY American Sports Awards. Caitlyn makes this incredible speech.

Tim Minchin Graduation Address

Comedian-musician Tim Minchin addresses graduates at the University of Western Australia where he provides is top 10 life lessons. I have watched this several times over the last few years and it is one of the best speeches I have heard...

A Year in the Saddle

I have just discovered this website. Kajsa also raced the Outlaw Half Triathlon and has set her sights on attempting to break the 77 year old Billie Fleming record for furthest distance cycled in a year. Kajsa is one incredible lady.

A teacher growing green...

A whirlwind of ideas and energy, Stephen Ritz is a teacher who is transforming the South Bronx.

Afghan Cycles

Afghan Cycles is a documentary, planned for release this year. It tells the story of a group of Afghan women who are breaking down gender barriers by riding their bikes.

British Leftover Cafe

Adam Young, a chef from Leeds has created the real junk food company that explains in this video why and how he is trying to feed bellies on bins. The paye as you feel cafe concept is growing in the UK and abroad.

Clarissa Dickson Wright obituary

A fascinating obituary of Clarissa Dickinson Wright, of two fat ladies fame. The Youngest female ever to stand at the Bar, Her Autobiography Spilling the Beans is well worth a read.

Why do ambitious women...?

Why do ambitious women have flat heads? A humourous TedTalk by female businesswoman Dame Stephanie Shirley, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Tech industry.